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Heat Recovery Ventilation

Heat Recovery ventilation (HRV) is a complete supply and extract system where the ventilation rate is controlled via supply and extract fans. It consist of a heat exchanger where the extracted stale air is crossed with the supply air where the energy stored in the air is transferred from the high side to the low side hence the heat recovery term.

There are several types of heat exchangers, plate heat exchangers (only sensible heat*) and paper heat exchangers (sensible and latent*)

Efficiency of heat exchangers are the ratio of heat transferred from the low side to the high side. Plate heat exchangers efficiency is sensible efficiency only and would require drains, while paper heat exchangers are sensible and latent and would not require drains.

Capturing this waste energy means the heating/ cooling requirements of the building are reduced, so smaller size plant can be selected, savings can be made in long term energy consumption, and carbon emissions are reduced.

The SAF recovers heat energy which would otherwise be exhausted to atmosphere, and uses this energy to warm the air entering the building. The reverse happens in warmer climates, where the exhausted cool air is used to partially cool the incoming air.

Benefits of HRV

  • Automatically controlled by-pass mode for free cooling
  • Simple to operate LCD controller with electronic self-diagnosis and filter clean indicator
  • 3 years warranty (Heat exchanger, fan motors and electronics)
  • Washable, long life, high efficiency filters
  • Extremely low power consumption (as low as 60 watts)
  • Quiet operation (as low as 20dbA)
  • Unique full range of approved easy to install accessories
  • Free cooling in the summer through built-in electronically controlled by-pass damper
  • Easy and less frequently to clean filter system (6 - 12 months before the filters need cleaning - the system informs you!)
  • The HRV unit can be installed in any position (horizontal / upside-down / vertical or even at an angle)
  • Fresh air without losing heat
  • Clean fresh air all year round
  • Inexpensive to run
  • Simple and easy to use